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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My Social Tote

There really is something to feel accomplished about when you take a pattern that's out of your comfort zone and a cute pile of fabrics and despite a hic-cup or two ....


turning it into something that you love :o)
Allow me to show you my version of the

"Social Tote"

a great firm project basket to cart your project from one room to another.

Would be great to take out on a sewing day and it has its own
removal pincushion.

 If you like to sink your teeth into a project and one that may even test your patience
then I suggest you give this one a go.  There may even be more of these in my future.
After all, it would be nice to have one each for a few different projects.

Thank you for popping by.
hugs Sharon


  1. One can never have too many bags or totes but this one is the best! Well done.

  2. This is gorgeous but if it challenged you, it will be too tricky for me

  3. Big success! Such a nice idea, practical, and the colors so fresh, bravo! Christine

  4. Cute little bag. It is a bit different to the usual tote.

  5. what a fun bag Shaz,well done.xx

  6. Beautiful bag Sharon love your choice of fabric.This would be perfect for my trips the the campervan.I will look up that pattern.xx

  7. they do look great when they're done - although I'm not sure what I will use mine for.

  8. Looks great Sharon. I hope you'll be bringing it next week.

  9. Your social tote turned out just perfect. Well done.

  10. It´s turned out fantastic!

  11. Very interesting..... going online to check out pattern where abouts ..... your social tote looks fantastic

  12. You're so brave Sharon, you give anything a go, and this turned out perfectly. Well done!

  13. Ooh it's fantastic Sharon ... We'll done!

  14. This is beautiful Sharon, love the fabrics and it looks such a useful bag. Love the bags in the previous post too! xx

  15. Oh! It's so pretty! I'm just cutting mine out and googled to see some photos for fabric placement. Your photo came up, and I just had to click on it! Imagine my delight when I realized it was you!!! Hope mine turns out as well :-)


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